Coba Liat Kemampuan Bhs Inggris Kamu di Soal ini yuk..

01.  The swimming instructor came……….if the apartment was still available.

A.     saw                                    C.   seeing
B.     to see                     D.   for seeing

02.  Fast food restaurants become popular in a short time because most working people want……….
A.     to eat quick                        C.   to eat quickly
B.     eating quickly        D.   eat quickly

03.  A good student must know………….
A.     how to effective study
B.     how to study with more effective
C.     how to study effective
D.     how to study more effectively

04.  Vasco da Gama, accompanied by a large crew and a fleet of twenty ships…………. Postuguese dominion in Africa and India.
A.     was trying to establish
B.     are trying to establish
C.     trying to establish
D.     were trying to establish

05.  The job applicant was worried about the interview……… he was well prepared.
A.     even though           C.    unless
B.     if                            D.    because

06.  If they want to fly during the Christmas holiday, travelers……….  Their reservations well in advance.
A.     had better get         C.   had better got
B.     had better to get     D.   had better getting

07.  The new workers recruited to work in the plantation complained that they were not used to……. A time card.
A.     punched                 C.   punching
B.     punch                    D.  be punched

08.  Although the members of the faculty seem inflexible,………. to suggestions.
A.     they are always opened    
B.     they always open              
C.     they were always opened
D.     they are always open

09.  Unlike the earth, which rotates once every twenty-four hours…. once every ten hours.
A.     Jupiter rotate
B.     Jupiter rotates
C.     Jupiter rotation
D.     the rotation of  Jupiter

10.  After gold was discovered in California in 1848 the population there swelled.
A.     retracted                 C.   acquiesced
B.     burgeoned              D.   curtailed

11.  Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe from 1577 to 1580.
A.     continent                C.   earth
B.     equator                  D.   world

12.  The Peachtree is native to Georgia.
A.     indigenous             C.   imported
B.     allocated                D.   transported

13.  Emergency food and clothing are needed at the earthquake site.
A.     shelter                    C.   location
B.     center                     D.   damage

14.  ………. Mr. White would certainly have attended the meeting.
A.     If the flat didn’t happen.
B.     If he didn’t get a flat tire.
C.     Had he not had a flat tire.
D.     If the tire flattened it self.

15.  John’s annual income since he changed professions has…….
A.     just about go up three times.
B.     almost raise three time.
C.     got almost three times bigger.
D.     nearly tripled.

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